Years Later, Taylor Swift Apologizes Officially To Her EX Joe Jonas; Over Blasting On The Ellen Show

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Taylor Swift has always been a subject of buzz because of her boyfriends. As a country pop darling-turned-“Reputation”-slayer, Taylor Swift has certainly become known for writing songs about the ghosts of boyfriends past.

Breakup with Joe Jonas

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas dated for about four months in 2008 from July to October. During the time they were together, they became the It Couple of the time. The couple was going strong until Joe Jonas broke up with Taylor over a 27-second phone call. Since then, there was bad blood between the two and as an old habit, Taylor Swift released her song Forever and Always referring to her breakup with Joe Jonas.

Taylor bashes ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas on the Ellen show

Not long after the breakup, Taylor Swift went on to The Ellen Show for the promotion of her then-upcoming album Fearless. She spoke about the song she had sung for Joe Jonas, ‘Forever and Always’ and said that the song title was nothing but sarcasm. She went ahead and bashed him saying that when she finds the right man for herself, she wouldn’t remember the guy who broke up with her over the phone in 27 seconds. Ellen went on and suggested that Taylor should hook up with one of the other Jonas Brothers to get back at Joe, and they had a good laugh about it.

Taylor’s apology to Joe

Recently, when Taylor Swift was on The Ellen Show, she was asked about the most rebellious thing she had done as a teenager. To this, Taylor responded that she regrets blasting Joe Jonas on the Ellen Show out of spite post their breakup in 2008. Ellen didn’t even remember it but clearly it had stuck with Taylor as something she wished she hadn’t done.

Joe Jonas’s reaction to Taylor’s apology

Although the Jonas Brother said that it was nice hearing a public apology from Taylor, he seemed disinterested when asked about the same during interviews. He explained that he has long moved on from all the teenage drama though it did hurt him a lot when it had actually happened. This is probably because of his recent happy wedding to GoT fame Sophie Turner. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner tied the knot in a private ceremony in Vegas earlier this year and he obviously doesn’t harbor any feelings of ill will towards Taylor any longer.

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