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These 9 Hollywood Stars Have Been Banned From Different Countries Despite Their Stardom.

Be it for the tours or promotion of their upcoming albums, celebrities are always on a tour traveling to different countries. However, there are some celebrities who despite their stardom, are barred from entering certain nations. So, here is the list of celebrities who have been banned from some countries. Furthermore, while some bans are still in effect, others were dropped a few years later.

1. Justin Bieber (Argentina) – Yes, that’s right. In 2016, Bieber told his Argentinian fans that he would not be able to tour in the country. However, Bieber didn’t explain as to why he could not return to Argentina. But he did land in troubles with the country officials in 2013 when he was accused of disrespecting their flag.

2. Miley Cyrus (China)- Miley Cyrus offended a lot of people in 2009 after she posted a photo of herself. The photo received a lot of criticism since she was squinting her eyes in the picture as to imitate the appearance of the general populace of China. As per Harper’s Bazaar, her actions resulted in her ban from entering China.

3. Lady Gaga (Indonesia) – Lady Gaga is not welcomed in Indonesia because her actions were thought to be inappropriate. The star pulled out her Jakarta Gig after the Islamic Defenders Front slammed her daring outfits and called her a “devil’s messenger”. Some even claimed her to be a “Kaafir”.

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4. Selena Gomez (China and Russia) – Selena Gomez has not just been banned from one nation but two: Russia and China. The ban from China was because the officials were infuriated by a photo she took with the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama. The ban in Russia dates to 2013, and according to Cosmopolitan, it was due to her support for gay rights.

5. The Beatles (Philippines) – The Beatles still remain one of the most well-known and greatest talents. However, during their time together, they were actually banned from the Philippines. According to Cosmopolitan, the reason for the ban is because they declined to attend a breakfast reception at the Presidential Palace with the first lady Imelda Marcos.

6. Paris Hilton (Japan) – According to The Hollywood reporter, in 2010, Hilton was set to visit the country to promote her fragrance and fashion line. But when she arrived at Tokyo airport in her private jet, she was refused entry. She had to spend six hours talking with officials, before being ultimately sent back to Los Angeles.

7. Akon (Sri Lanka) – Akon angered a lot of people in Sri Lanka when he released a music video which showed him enjoying a pool party with a Budha statue in the background. This thus led to his ban from the country. The statue appeared in the corner of the frames and was out of focus. The singer claimed he didn’t even know that it was there. He ended up apologizing for the video, stating, he never set out to offend or desecrate anyone’s religion.

8. Beyonce (Malaysia) – Beyonce is an incredible successful woman. But Malaysia is the country that won’t be supporting her in concert. Beyonce decided to cancel her concert in the country following protests about her outfit. The outfits were deemed inappropriate for the country because of their strict religious beliefs.

9. Katy Perry (China) – In 2017, Katy Perry made headlines after she was banned from China indefinitely. She was reported to have applied for a Visa for the country. However, it was denied and she was given a ban. The reason for the ban dates to 2015 when Perry wore a bright yellow, sunflower dress. It caused controversy since sunflower is the same flower used by anti-China protestors.

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