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Frankie Grande Reveals Some Astonishing Relationships Of Ariana Grande In The Past.

Ariana Grande’s brother Frankie is creating a huge ruckus about her relationships. One time he says she is dating the drummer of Social House and one time he completely fell away from that. What is going on? The truth has been uncovered as Lil’ brother Frankie tweeted out new things, which only make the matter more savory for us.

Frankie’s New Tweet

Frankie tweeted, “My sister is not in a relationship. Everyone relax. She is very much single.” Yep, the previous claims he made were supposedly untrue. What led him to claim that Ariana and Mike Foster were together? We will talk about that later. The two falsely alleged couple worked on the hit single “Boyfriend” which released in the beginning of August. Fans shipped the two. When rumors of them together coming, the world was elated.

Real Talk About Ariana

It wasn’t thank you, next for Ariana as confirmed by her brother. Atleast we come to the conclusion that Ariana is not dating anyone right now. Or maybe she is. But she is not ready to come out about it. Real talk here is that Ariana was spotted with Foster after the release of their song. The duo was indulged in some light PDA. The lyrics of their song doesn’t fit this reality. He is her boyfriend and she is his girlfriend, or not?

Frankie’s Slip Of Tongue

Frankie Grande’s tweet resulted as a consequence of something he said on an interview. He talked to Us Weekly on the red carpet premiere of Game Changers. There, he said that he and his boyfriend went on a double date with “them”. Apparently Frankie found Foster very fun. To quote him, he said, “I love Mikey. I think he’s a really sweet guy. So talented. So kind and so caring,”

What does that suggest? Obviously, people thought that something amorous was cooking between Ariana and Mikey. Frankie even thinks Mikey is a great guy. Not only is Ari’s brother involved in this whole situation, but also some other prominent members of their clan. Recently, Ariana and her “secret” boyfriend Mikey were seen grabbing lunch with her mother, Joan. That is big, isn’t it? However, there aren’t any official pictures of the two together. We hope to see them together, at least in photographs.

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