A Rapist Was Caught, And His Ballocks Were Fed To Pitbull As Lunch.

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‘Heinous” is a word too less to describe a crime such as rape. Almost every other day we come across a piece of news portraying a horrible rape event. Such events never fail to instill an element of “humanity” (or more of pseudo-humanity) amongst the fellow readers. However, another major problem kicks in when you have to decide which crime is more “heinous”, rape or mob lynching?

The Horrifying Incident

A similar such event giving shape to our dilemma happened in a small town of New Kensington, Philadelphia. It’s a story so common, it never even made it to the newspapers. A 23-year-old girl who lives in a middle-class neighborhood on one of Philadelphia’s busiest streets was busy studying in her room while her parents were out to attend their personal-chores.

Sophie then heard a bell ring. She opened to the door to find out that their parents have called in a plumber to fix the kitchen-pipe leakage. However, things took an ugly turn from there when the “claiming-to-be-plumber” barged into the house and forced himself on the young girl. The girl tried to defend herself in every way possible but all of the efforts went into vain.

However, fortunately, just at the time, the girl’s parents happened to return to the house only to discover a stranger raping their daughter. The infuriated dad dragged the stranger outside and called for locals to help him “avenge his daughter”. This was the point where the whole event took an even uglier turn. The mob started beating the fellow relentlessly. They tore all his clothes and tied him up to a pole.

Later on, one of the member from mob let open his pitbull to feed on the guy’s genitals. The whole event became all too gory for a city so sophisticated as such. What’s more surprising is the fact that it all happened in broad daylight where not even a single soul tried to prevent it from happening.

Police Custody

There is no denying the fact that what happened in the first place was a crime unforgivable itself. However, taking law and order in one’s own hands is also not the right solution and becomes an atrocious act itself. Had the locales dealt the situation properly by calling the police, the incident wouldn’t have escalated this quick and far. As for now, two people from the mob are held into police custody while the rapist is yet to face trial from the court. The girl struggles to get over what happened to her and is underway psychological treatment from a local doctor.

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