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16 Year Old Teenager Killed By A Gun Shot In The Face, By 3 Teenagers Including One Female.

Another piece of bizarre crime has surfaced the news. Three teenagers have been arrested for committing a deadly crime in Tacoma, Washington, USA.

So, what exactly had happened?

According to the sources, two males and a female were involved in the killing of a 16-year-old adolescent on the front of his home. According to the reports, these criminals had murdered the young boy on his own porch. This dreadful incident took place at 12:40 in the afternoon. It seems as if Jamone Pratt got into a fight with some of the others which resulted in this deadly result. It was only after the gunshots being fired when the neighbours called 911. Alas, it was too late. Till the time the officers arrived, Pratt was suffering from a gunshot on his head. He did not survive. His death took place at Tacoma General Hospital.

The victim’s family and friends were obviously traumatized and said they would remember and honour him forever. They also promised to remember and visit the site of his death every month in order to honour the victim. Reeta Kaleopa, a 17-year-old well-wisher said, “It hurts so hard that there are no words to describe.” For the last few weeks, she and the rest of her friends have been visiting his memorial each and every day. There is also a tree covered with mementoes in honour of Jamone Pratt.

Who were the three teenagers who were responsible for Pratt’s death?

The police suspect that there are two males and one female behind this case. As they were not fully adults, the police have taken the suspects and detained them at Remann Hall Juvenile. Even though the likely suspects have been caught, their motive behind the murder still hasn’t been revealed. Despite the fact that the suspects have been caught, Pratt’s friends and family have not been even a little bit relieved of their trauma. Reeta says that even if the killers have been caught it will definitely not bring back their friend. As rapidly as the world is advancing, the idea of world peace and fraternity seems to be slipping out of out even faster. The number of bizarre crimes being committed is making us wonder what is happening to the world.

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