Obsessed Man, Choosed His Car Over Himself, Hides His Car In The Kitchen Over The Fear Of Hurricane Dorian.

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A Florida man, who was distraught about his smart car blowing away in the hurricane, did something incredible. Speaking of incredible, have you ever thought of parking your vehicle inside your house? This is the innovative idea the troubled man came up with.

What was the mind-bending idea?

Well, by now you must have already guessed it. Distressed as he was for Hurricane Dorian, he wanted to move his beloved car to a “safe place”. And which place is safer than a house? So, he parked his car inside the kitchen.

Jacksonville dweller Patrick Eldridge shifted his motor vehicle inside his home on Tuesday morning. His wife “was impressed that he was right about it being able to fit in the kitchen,” he exclaimed to CBS news.

The hilarious snapshots went viral

Jessica, his wife, shared rib-tickling pictures of the car inside their home on Facebook.
“My husband was afraid his car might blow away and my car is in the garage,” she captioned the photo. Garnering over 65,000 shares and 22,000 reactions, this update went crazy viral! Eldridge expressed his shock on the “madness wave” that blew over the internet. After the storm cleared, the pair moved the car out of their house and left Florida. While the car wasn’t in desperate need of protection, the man accepted learning a few new things meanwhile. He said he now knows an additional parking spot.

What is Hurricane Dorian?

A tropical cyclone lately affecting the eastern coastal areas of the United States has been named as Hurricane Dorian. It brought squalls and heavy cloudbursts in Florida as it moved upwards the east coast. The low-lying areas of the Bahamas were left in ruins. Not strictly speaking at least 20 people have lost their lives in Bahamas and officers expect the numbers to rise. Florida didn’t get the storm impetus but the south and north Carolina were gearing up for a direct hit. Dorian still has the possibility of hitting again on Thursday or Friday. Dorian struck Category 5 intensity, climaxing with one-minute sustained winds of 185mph (295km/h). The least central pressure touched 910 millibars (26.87 in Hg) while making the Bahamian landfall.

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