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Man Dares To Upload A Rap, On How He Cruelly Killed Her Girlfriend And Buried Her Under

Recently a man rapped about burying his girlfriend has been accused of murdering his girlfriend. Prosecutors in Los Angeles County charged Robert Anthony Camou with killing his girlfriend, who disappeared in July and whose body has not been found, the district attorney’s office said Wednesday.

What Is This Rap All About?

The culprit Camou, twenty-seven years age, hailing from Monrovia, faces the serious accusation of murder with a special circumstance allegation of killing a witness in the death of a woman identified by the district attorney’s office as Amanda C., 31. Furthermore, Prosecutors believe that Camou killed the woman on or about July 29 while out on bail on an April charge of battering his girlfriend.

Moreover, a video of Camou rapping about burying his girlfriend surfaced in July. However, it was not immediately clear Wednesday night whether it played any role in the murder charge.

What Are The Accusations? Who Is The Supposed Victim?

Amanda Kathleen Custer who suddenly disappeared was believed to have been taken against her will. On July 29th it is assumed that she was probably a victim of some domestic violence incident. Moreover, The sheriff’s office stated at that time that it was aware of a video showing Camou rapping.

Camou was being held in jail Wednesday night. It was not immediately clear from online records if he had an attorney who could speak on his behalf. The murder charge also carries an accusation that Camou was out on bail when he committed the crime, and if convicted, he faces the possibility of the death sentence or even life in prison without the possibility of parole, the district attorney’s office said. A decision on whether to seek the death penalty has not been made.

As of now, the case remains under investigation by the Los Angeles and Pasadena police departments. Let us see what happens to the case as it is still under investigation and we are not sure about whether Camou is guilty or not. It seems like a rap song can actually prove deadly at times! Or maybe instrumental in bringing the real culprit on the forefront.

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