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Julianne Hough Awkwardly Stuck Her Wide Legs Between The Trio Of Bare-Chested Stranger Guys

Sometimes celebrities can face an awkward situation because of unavoidable circumstances. Some are clever enough to avoid the situation while some make it to the news.

What Exactly Happened At The Show?

Julianne Hough can usually dance herself out of any iffy situations but she wasn’t able to do the same on September 3. During a live act on America’s Got Talent, the former Dancing with the Stars pro was absconded from her judge’s chair on the TV talent show by a shirtless guy who led the beautiful blonde onto America’s Got talent for the semifinals.

Although Jules was wearing athleisure bottoms for her Tuesday gig. So, when the trio of bare-chested guys in skintight pants gave her instructions, she agreed even though the terror and unease in her eyes exhibited her real feelings about what she was told to do. Furthermore, Julianne was asked to sit atop one of the hunks who was down on all fours. Then, she has flipped around on her back as her head was lowered into a lying position that nearly resembled a sex act. After that, she was helped off the human table by a helpful member of the troupe who then held her hand as all four of the performers took a deep bow.

Was It Awkward Or Funny? How Are The Fans Reacting?

Moreover, Julianne uploaded this embarrassing video on her Instagram and almost one million people liked the video. For some fans, the video was sure hilarious and some even suggested that the trio should have tried this stunt with guest judge Sean Hayes. While some fan thought the act to be a bit sexist. Julianne’s husband was also not thrilled either and said how these men are now on his hit list!

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On AGT’s official Instagram page the trio got some really positive response. Some even commented about their performance and how it was absolutely feisty. They sure have become popular and has succeeded to gain quite a fan base. We still appreciate the judge was kind enough to be a true sport and participated in something that definitely turned out to be an awkward scenario.

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