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Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s Songwriter LaShawn Daniels Dies At 41, In A Car Accident

A sad and tragic incident led to the death of Beyoncé and Lady Gaga’s songwriter, LaShawn Daniels. The American singer was killed in a horrific car accident on the 3rd of September. His death was believed to have occurred in South Carolina. More from the fact that his own wife April Daniels has spread this sad news to the world on an Instagram post.

LaShawn’s Most Renowned Achievements

LaShawn Daniels aged 41 before he died was quite a renowned icon in the music industry. He was also known as “Big Shiz”. The famous American songwriter was known for winning the Grammy Award for the best R&B song “Say My Name” by the artist, “Destiny’s Child” released back in 1999. One of his other hits was with Lady Gaga ft. Beyoncé’s, “Telephone”. This was one of the most iconic music videos and song, their fans seemed to go crazy with praises over it.

His Producing History With The Most Iconic Singers

LaShawn won his Grammy award back in 2001, along with this he is known to have been a famous songwriter for many famous pop stars as well. He will always be remembered for his writing skills with Michael Jackson’s “You Rock My World”, nominated for Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Performance. Credits also go to LaShawn for Whitney Houston’s “It’s Not Right”. His last nomination was for Tamar Braxton’s “Love and War” in 2014. His last album, “Tears, Lies, Paradise” was released back in 2014 as well.

Well Wishers And Condolences

His wife April Daniels posted a rather sweet yet sorrowful message that he will always be remembered in every form as a beloved husband, father, family member, and friend to everyone. American singer Kehlani, made a post to twitter, promising that his legacy will never be forgotten. The same with famous singer Dawn Richard with the striking with sorrowful words that he was struck in hearing the horrifying news.

To every singer and songwriter, he was one of the most skillful and talented people, along with the twist of a comedian. No matter what, he was a person of good heart and a beautiful soul, further added by other well-wishers. This was indeed true and he is a producing legend that will always be remembered.

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