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A$AP Won’t Appeal Against Conviction, Claims To Not Be Able To Bear The Mental Stress Again But Can Party All Night

Rakim Mayers, also known by his stage name A$AP Rocky, has decided to not appeal his assault conviction. He had been involved in case of beating a 19-year old man in Stockholm, Sweden on July 2019. He had been given a suspended prison sentence on August 14th. The court has decided that his time spent behind bars is sufficient for him not to serve further time. He has not been banned from entering Sweden, much to the victim’s disappointment.

What Happened in Stockholm

In July 2019 while on a tour in Sweden, Mayers and his entourage were accosted by one Mustafa Jafari and his friend. The issue was related to damage of headphones belonging to Jafari, who was threatening about the police action. At first, Mayers had simply asked them to ‘stop following’. However, when a passing lady accused the two men of touching her inappropriately at the show earlier, Mayers gave in to the anger. CCTV footage showing the altercation between the parties displayed Mayers tossing the man on the ground. It also shows Mayerss’ bodyguards joining in to hit the victim party. There is also mention of a glass breaking.

The Trial

Although Jafari was the one who had to be hospitalized, Mayers also filed a counter-complaint against him. Mayers claimed to have acted in self-defense due to racial remarks. It was suspected by many, that Mayers might have been drunk and under the influence of drugs, that led him to react violently. Although US President and Embassy tried to get Sweden government to interfere in the case, they denied citing Swedish Constitution rules. The trial started on June 30 after Mayers was charged with ‘intentionally administering punches and kicks to the victim’.

Sentence and Conviction

Mayers had pleaded ‘not guilty’. The evidence produced in the case could not produce conclusive statements. The trial ended on August 2 with Mayers getting a suspended prison sentence and fine of 12500 SEK payable to the victim. Suspended sentence meant he could be allowed to leave the country. Since he had served time behind bars, he left Sweden on August 14. His lawyer has said that Mayers will not appeal because the stress of one trial had been too hard on the rapper. The prosecutor also does not want to press for a tougher sentence.

In conclusion, it might seem that A$AP is back home and it will be sometime before he thinks about getting involved in another light-hearted brawl. Moreover, There Are contradicting statements on his mental condition on one side he is mentally imbalanced and on the other, he is Enjoying his time in D City.

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