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Soon After Making Love, Husband Told His Wife To Count Till Ten With Closed Eyes, Just Before He Chopped Off Her Neck

This story is just the most unexpected turn of events you could imagine. Read to find out why.

Husband Stabs Wife In The Neck

A court trial heard the most horrific story. After a sex romp, a husband asked his wife to cover her eyes, because he had a surprise for her. However, the surprise wasn’t a cute puppy as she had imagined it to be. Her husband nearly killed her by stabbing her in the neck. Fortunately, he closely missed the important arteries and so she survived.

A Good Time Didn’t End Well

This incident took place last October. As far as Laura May, the victim is concerned, their relationship was all good. They had never had huge arguments and had just returned from a Korea trip. The day of the incident the shared a takeaway and went to bed early. After a while Shaun May, the husband went downstairs claiming he had heard a noise. He later returned and they had sex and cuddled.

I Have A Surprise For You

Soon after this, Shaun told his wife that he had a surprise for her. He then went downstairs and returned soon. Shaun then placed a face towel on his wife’s face and asked her to sky down on the bed. He then started counting back from ten.

When he reached to he started counting back in decimals, for instance, 1.5, 1.3, 1.2… and so on. Mrs May got impatient and asked him to reveal the surprise. That’s when she felt a clamping feeling in her neck. She thought it was a puppy but soon felt cold metal near her shoulder and something trickling down her back. After stabbing his wife he pointed the knife to his stomach claiming that he would kill himself.

Why Did He Do It?

Laura was shocked, to say the least. She somehow managed to cal Shaun down and has him the reason. He told her that he had lost his job the previous day. He had a mortgage to pay and he couldn’t think of any way to do that.

She convinced him to drive to the hospital and lied to the hospital about the injury. She said she fell down in the kitchen. Shaun repeatedly kept telling his wife that he would hand himself in. He also asked her not to visit him in jail.

Shaun May sat with his head down during the entire trial which is to continue even further.

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