La Casa De Papel Confirmed Release Date & Plot Line Revealed.

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Your favorite Spanish crime drama; Season 4 trailer is romping everywhere on Netflix is now a new love for people after Stranger things. Enough drama, suspicion, mystery and thrilling activities of the characters are blended well to tag it as a cliffhanger after all. To sum up, the recent la casa de Papel show is ready to rob our hearts and is hitting in 2020

The Wait Is Over:

Much to the delight of Money heist fans, the creator of the show, Alex, has given us some clues for season 4. Alex Pena also reveals the interesting details of the future season. It’s all said and done, which must stream in the early 2020s

Alex On Pulse!!

Alex Pina says in his interview that it has been a complicated pulse, there were many reasons not to return. But On the one hand, it would bring a short and concluded series about a robbery.

On needle, the protagonists end up being millionaires and then to put them together for another robbery looked like something remotely impossible, but then they realized that this has been a band with different characteristics than we see in the story of perfect robberies.

Torch On Plot!!

It takes much effort to put all these affairs in one bowl of Money Heist Season3 and make it a superb screenplay. In the due process, Rio is in handcuffs by authorities of Panama. Tokyo cooks up a plan and works in a plurality to bring Rio back to home. Shhh….but we must not reveal all, you shall watch the series in order to get a better understanding of this super thriller. Oh! did we mention that heartbreaking news? Later, ahhh..    we see that Rio breaks up with Tokyo.

Drooling Over Once again?

The love story gets somewhat trippy. Denver cannot tolerate the affection and tries to persuade Rio to get back with Tokyo but to our awe, he remains strong enough to make his feelings dormant for her. We also find out that Nairobi is dead by the end of the season. What happens to her?? How the gang manages to screw the police? Will they succeed or get caught up? Keep Watching your favorite thriller!!

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