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Katy Perry Spotted In A Mysterious All-Lavender Outfit While Running Errands And Doing Lunch

On the 3rd of September, on a Tuesday afternoon. Katy Perry was spotted leaving an Italian restaurant and after running a few errands. More to the fact that she was spotted in an all lavender t-shirt and lavender leggings as well. She was also known to be wearing a partial-lavender headscarf while listening to music.

Katy Perry Is Now Up To

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson is a professional American singer-songwriter. She had recently released her latest album “Small Talk” on the 30th of August 2019 which her fans seemed to love with over 11million views and counting. Her all-time famous album was “Prism”, which featured “Roar” and “Dark Horse”. She was spotted to have a close connection to English actor “Orlando Bloom”.

Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom

Many wedding guests arrived at the event on 31st September on a Saturday held by Ellie Goulding and her new husband Caspar Jopling. Along with this Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were also spotted entering the event, holding hands. This took place at the York Minster Cathedral in York, England which confirms that Katy and Orlando were already engaged together.

Katy Perry’s Mysterious Lavender Outfit

Katy Perry was spotted leaving the il Tramezzino Italian Café and restaurant in Studio City in Los Angeles, California. Recent news suggests that she might have gone to get some lunch and run some errands. She was then heading out to her car. According to her outfit description, it was an all lavender from head to toe. She was known to have been listening to music through her iPhone with an interesting designer case. She was also sporting some classic Ray-bans.

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Katy Perry was not known to have been wearing her $5 million engagement ring which goes by the name of “Neil Lane”. She was also wearing a pink-ish purple scarf over her hair which matched the rest of her outfit. She was also spotted wearing white slides over her feet with little to no makeup. On the same weekend, her known fiancé Orlando Bloom was spotted arriving at JFK Airport, New York to promote his new Amazon series, “Carnival Row”.

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