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Beyonce Chose To “Forgave” As Soon As She Heard About Jay Z Linked Up With Rihanna! But What Made Her Too?

Beyoncé and Jay Z are Hollywood’s power couple. But are they holding up just because of Queen B? Read ahead for the story of “forgiveness”.

Jay Z Cheated On Beyoncé?

Unfortunately, this is true. And it could be that he has cheated multiple times on his wife. Rumors surfaced the first time when Jay Z was linked with Rihanna soon after his marriage with Beyoncé. 

Soon Beyoncé gave birth to Blue Ivy and the couple was back, strong as ever. The couple hit another set back when rumors surfaced that Jay Z was having an affair with Rita Ora and then Mya to name a few. To consider all this information just as rumors is a hard pill to swallow. Moreover, who can forget the infamous Met Gala video of Beyoncé’s sister Solange hitting Jay Z? Furthermore, the albums Lemonade and 4:44 give clear implications about infidelity. Jay Z also opened up in an interview about cheating. “The hardest thing is seeing the pain on someone’s face that you caused, and then have to deal with yourself”, he said. But how did the couple stay together amidst all this mess?

The Reason Why Beyoncé Forgave

Why couldn’t Beyoncé, the strongest woman leave her husband? The most important reason is “Family”.  Jay Z and Beyoncé have three kids together, Blu Ivy and twins Sir Carter and Rumi. Beyoncé is an amazing mother and she wouldn’t want her kids to grow an incomplete life. It’s very obvious to think that kids will suffer a great deal if their parents ever decide to divorce. Many sources claim that Beyoncé forgave Jay Z and Rihanna both because she was pregnant.

The Couple Is Scared Of Divorce

Besides Kids, the other reason is their fear of divorce. Jay Z was very young when his parents separated and so he knows what it feels like. Having a first-hand experience of divorce he would never want his kids to suffer that. Beyoncé was proud of having a loving family but all that changed in 2009 when her parents divorced. This power couple image not only keeps them in the good books but also brings them cash. They earned a $100 million off their joint tour! Besides divorce can get really hard with the third-page news and tabloids.

Moreover, both the stars believe in the sanctity of this union. Beyoncé was 18 when she supposedly started liking Jay Z. Young love hardly dies. 

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