A Boy,14, Killed 6-Month-Old Baby & Other 4 Members Of The Family But Being Minor, His Punishment Is Yet To Decide

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A 14-year-old boy surrendered and admitted to having killed his entire family. What led the young boy to take such a drastic step? How did the boy find the means to kill? Gun violence in America is at an all-time high. Yet there has been a very poor response from the bureaucrats and politicians. But here is the entire story of the teenage madman.

Mowing Down Five Family Members

The boy confessed that he killed his family at their home in Elkmont, Alabama. The victims of the boy’s horrendous actions are his father (John Sisk, 38), his stepmother (Mary Sisk, 35), his 6-year-old stepbrother; his 5-year-old stepsister. He did not spare a 6-month-old baby step sister. Limestone County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson told reporters that they were yet to establish a motive.

Law V/s Teen Criminal

Although, the boy peacefully confessed and even helped the law enforcement, how helpful it is going to be in supporting his case is questionable. As of now, has been charged with five counts of murder by shooting. The counts are at a juvenile level, but Young said the teen, “pending the adjudication process, could face adult charges of multiple counts of murder and/or capital murder.”

The teen helped the cops look for the weapon which he tossed off on the road. He had discarded the 9 mm handgun after the shooting event. Young told the media that the handgun was in the home in illegal terms. He didn’t elaborate much on that.

More Details About The Act

The shooting took place in their home in Alabama at 10:03 p.m. on Monday. The accused teen reported the incident to the police by calling 911. But in the beginning, he maintained that he was in the basement when he heard gunshots. When the police interrogated him about the loopholes in his version of the story, he got nervous and finally admitted that he killed the five.

Young informed that the accused is being held at a juvenile facility. He also said that three out of five victims were confirmed dead on spot. The other two were airlifted in critical condition but died later. The autopsy results to be declared on Wednesday. People from the town gathered on Tuesday to mourn the unprecedented departure of their fellow neighbors. But Still not sure what punishment he will get as he is minor.

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