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5-Year-Old Boy Returns After Being Thrown From Mall Of America 5 Months Back.

Some stories are both inspiring and surprisingly for the readers. One such story involved a five-year-old boy who was tossed off of the third storied balcony. At the Mall of America in Minnesota by a stranger returned home from the hospital.

What Exactly Happened With The Little Boy?

His family stated in August that the boy is in quite a critical condition with several head injuries and broken bones since the attack. The boy was shifted from the hospital’s intensive care unit to a rehabilitation program.

Luckily enough his family made an announcement where they said he is home now. The family of Landen Hoffman announced on Go Find Me that the boy completed inpatient rehabilitation and is now home all better and in good health. He will enter “the next phase of recovery” and receive outpatient. Rehabilitation for “multiple injuries and adjusting to life back at home and school.”

What Is His Present Condition?

However, The family thanked everyone for.their constant prayers and support and said,” Thank you to all of you. Who prayed for us and loved us during the past 4 ½ months,” the family’s update said. “You helped to give us hope and show us the Glory of God’s great love here on earth even during the darkest of days.”

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The story traces back when in April, a man who did not know Landen or his family grabbed the little boy and threw him nearly forty feet to the ground off of the third-story balcony at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn. That man–Emmanuel Aranda, 25,–was charged with attempted premeditated murder after his arrest in the April 12 incident. He pleaded guilty in May and was sentenced to nineteen years in the prison.

HoweverAranda allegedly told investigators he went to the mall “looking for someone to kill” after past instances of women repeatedly rejecting his advances. Aranda filed a notice Friday to appeal his case to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. The notice did not give a reason for appealing.

We wish the little boy a speedy recovery from the physical as well as the mental trauma he went through.

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