Turns Out Sophie Turner’s, First Choice Is Not Joe Jonas But The Other Brother

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A piece of recent news suggests about a fan randomly posting a clip from the famous TV show “Jonas”. In the clip, it showed the brothers opening fan mail that was sent to them. When Kevin Jonas opened the one that was from a girl named “Sophie”. The famous, Sophie Turner retweeted that it was right all along which brought a shock to Joe Jonas.

The Viral Video Clip In The Tweet

A random person had posted about a clip from the 2009-2010 sitcom “Jonas”. The sitcom was about the three brothers who went through various situations as being part of a music band. The tweet was posted by an anonymous named “coral”. In the clip, it portrayed the three brothers replying to various emails from their fans. One read from a person named “Sophie” saying that Kevin Jonas was the cutest of the three and Kevin proudly agreed to the statement.

Sophie And Jonas’s Retweet

To the fan and the tweeter’s surprise Sophie actually agreed to this tweet that the truth was nothing but the truth. Joe retweeted with a “shock” emoji. The internet and fans went crazy over this and of course the tweeter himself/herself. Sophie Turner has been married to Joe Jonas just this year and they are living a happily married life.

The J Brothers And The J Sisters

The Jonas Brothers, as well as the Jonas Sisters (their wives), share a really strong bond between each other. The Jonas Brothers reunited in 2019 to give us a new album “Happiness Begins”. The latest addition to the album is the song “Sucker” which featured on 28th February 2019. The song features all the 3 brothers and their wives, the J sisters as supporting roles.

Fans And Retweets

“Sucker” by The Jonas Brothers became one of the most aspiring music videos as it showed that not only supermodels would make the video look good but their wives themselves showed a strong family bond. Furthermore, fans were already astonished at the unexpected way Sophie revealed that Kevin was her favorite from among J Brothers. As much as they unexpectedly expected Sophie and Joe to reply to a random tweet by a random tweeter.

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