Rapper Kanye West’s Viral Video Of Eating His Own Ear Wax Getting Too Gross To Watch

kanye west

Twitter is blown away by a recent viral video showing rapper Kanye West reportedly eating his earwax. Kayne West has done a lot of wild things over the past few years. From stealing Taylor Swift’s thunder at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards to calling slavery a “choice,” the artist has arguably pulled some of the most controversial moves ever.

The rapper, who last week announced his ninth studio album, Jesus Is King, has been accused of eating his earwax. At least that’s what it looks like – and honestly? We hope we’re wrong.

kanye west

The claim comes from Twitter user @j0rgecastr0 who appears to have attended Sunday Service and been stationed very near indeed to the man himself. @j0rgecastr0 posted the video to the social media platform accompanied by the caption: “So I didn’t even notice but I got a video of @kaynewest eating his earwax .”

Crazy Twitter Reactions

Since last night, the tweet has racked up over 80k likes and 13k retweets, and the comments are full of people debating whether Kayne has been rightly or wrongly accused.

I think he picked his ear and pulled something off of his lip tho lol I don’t think he ate the ear wax he didn’t even grab wax he grabbed his ear lobe lol Twitter tryna drag this man through the mud,” one user commented as another added,he was clearly removing his gum or something from his mouth.”

Others, however, are not buying excuses.

“Kayne for sure picks his belly button, sniffs the stench from his fingers and licks the wax off,” a Twitter user mused, while another suggested that “Kayne’s undigested ear wax and Jungkook’s undigested boogies should collab.”

Then, more disturbingly and for whatever reason, there’s a whole lot of fans offering to eat Yeezy’s left-over ear-cheese as well as their own.

Whatever the opinions, the question remains – did Kayne, eat his earwax? Or, like Jerry Seinfeld when he was caught “picking” his nose by the Calvin Klein model in ‘Seinfeld’ episode “The Pick”, is Yeezy simply the victim of a bad angle?

We may never know for sure.


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