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One Direction Hints Of Shawn Mendes Entry To The Band

It seems like One Direction Fans might get some good news soon. It seems like The One Direction band can make a comeback. But there is a slight change or a massive twist that can come our way. Let us find out what this twist is all about!

Fans have actually lost all hope about the band reuniting.

The “Two of Us” vocalist, Louis, said that it is not entirely up to him to get back. If it was, then they would have gotten back. However, he did not indicate that this meeting would result in a tour. “I do think it will happen… I think it’s inevitable,” he said to the ODE Entertainment. That is the first sign we were looking for. In his very own words, he’d “certainly have something to say about it if it didn’t.” So one may call it an unofficial confirmation.

Who Is Apparently Joining One Direction? 

It seems that someone else might replace Zayn Malik in the Reunion of One Direction. There is no sure news or statement but the celebs are hinting towards this equation. If it happens then the comeback can become one of the most exciting news in the recent year.

The band began indicating about this news earlier this year when Liam and Niall were seen plotting an epic One Direction return and even desired to get in the famous singer Shawn Mendes. So it is very probable now that they are thinking about it and the fans will get to witness them again with something new this time. After a fan shared an image of Shawn and Niall and asked whether they will work together in the near future, Niall stated, “We’re going to try,” but after that Mendes said its a deal and Niall replied yes.

How Are The Fans Reacting To The News? 

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This rumors about Shawn Mendes joining the band also means that Zayn Malik is definitely not rejoining or coming back even for a reunion.

Simon Cowell, the judge in the X-factor who brought these promising singers to stardom also awaits for the band’s revival. He said, “I just think the legacy is too big not get back to at one point.” He thinks that the band will eventually get back together sometime and when that day comes, it will be a huge event. It seems that even Simon is eagerly awaiting a comeback that will surely make everyone happy and excited.

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