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Eight Year Old Boy Set On Fire By Bullies Just For A Game.

Kyrylo Yatsun endured horrendous wounds to 35 percent of his body following a depraved assault in Dnipro, Ukraine. As per the reports, the boy was playing in a courtyard close to his residential block when he was assaulted by local bullies. Moreover, the bullies were several years older than him.


The deranged “hooligans” approached Kyrylo and soaked his T-shirt with petroleum. After that, they used their lighter to set him on fire, as per the reports. Kyrylo’s clothes immediately started burning. It didn’t take long enough for him to look like a human torch.

He fell on the ground and was screaming in agony. All the while, his attackers were laughing and mocking him. Later on, as the situation worsened, the fled the scene, witnesses said.A few passers-by rushed to assist the child and somehow managed to remove his burning T-shirt. They were able to put out the flame before calling an ambulance.


The boy was hurried to an ICU in critical condition. There, he underwent many different surgeries where doctors tried to remove the patches of burnt skin from his head, torso, arms, and hips. Over the past ten days, medics have been battling for Kyrylo’s life, which is still in peril.

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Doctor Artem Posunko from Dnipro Regional Children’s Hospital told local media: “The boy was hospitalized in a serious condition with severe burns to 35 percent of his body.

“We do everything possible to keep him alive. He is conscious and can talk but his wounds are very serious and his condition is still quite life-threatening.”

Kyrylo’s mother Eugenia Yatsun is always at the hospital by her child’s bedside to provide emotional support.

Critical Condition

She said: “I was preparing lunch at home when some children rushed in and said that Kyrylo was badly wounded.

“I ran outside and discovered my son lying on the ground. The skin on his stomach and legs was badly burned. “He told me that they did it to him on purpose without any reason. They are not children, they are monsters.”

Police filed a criminal case for causing deplorable bodily harm. The assailants were recognized and are being interviewed by detectives. Law enforcement representative Anna Starchevskaya said: “The suspects say that they had no intention to set the victim on fire and that it was an accident. However, the investigation is still underway.”

It is comprehended that the assailants will be placed in a correctional facility for minors if found guilty of the misconduct. Unfortunately for Kyrylo, he will have to spend the following two months in hospital.

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