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Beyonce Trying A Little ‘Too Hard’ To Hide Her Little Baby Bump

Beyonce has been the recent talk of the town! She shared a series of photos from her summer on Instagram. Flooding social media with a series of snapshots, she was caught hiding something. Read on to know what it was!

Was Beyonce hiding her baby bump?

The Crazy In Love singer uploaded a collage of pictures on Instagram lately. One of the pictures of her husband Jay Z looked to have been taken in a family getaway. The American Rapper was seen happy and slackened, resting on a balcony. Other images were of Beyonce either concealing her stomach with a bag or not including it at all. This prompted her fans to speculate about her pregnancy.

Following the release of her latest album ‘Spirit’ in summer, the hearsay of her presumed “Pregnancy” began. Earlier the previous month, she shared a picture wearing a white and violet checked dress. This instilled a deep sense of doubt in her fans.

Fans’ conclusion of this “secret pregnancy”

While followers like to think they know everything about their heartthrobs, they also obsess about finding out the “hidden information”. Beyonce’s latest Instagram updates were no exception to this. Ambivalent comments were thrown at the post. One comment read, “We know you’re pregnant!” Another fan presumed, “She’s got the fanny pack to hide the pregnancy.” A third one said, “She ain’t telling us she’s pregnant until she feels like it!”

The previous comments bombarded her recent upload while the previous one was greeted by the following comments. “Patterns like that camouflage really well. She looks very pregnant,” mentioned one commenter. “Omg! Pregnant?” asked another. “Is that a baby bump?” inquired the third one. The guessing game didn’t stop here. One of the fans went as far as writing all the hints he thought she has dropped off her pregnancy. He typed, “We’ve been saying she is pregnant. She’s been dropping clues the entire album.” “Purple is Royalty and Simba (son), the lions curled up like a fetus,” added he.

While fans are talkin’, she is rockin’

Apart from being a top singer, she is well known for keeping her privacy standards higher when it comes to her family. While promoting “The Lion King”, she opened up about her motherhood. “Being a mother, my family is my biggest priority!” she said. “It’s not many films that the parents can come and feel the way I feel about The Lion King,” revealed the mother of three in an interview with Good Morning America.

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