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17 Year Old Teenager Goes BLIND & DEAF After Eating Fries & Pringles For 3 Consecutive Years.

Who would have known that a diet of French fries, white bread, and Pringles was sufficient enough to make a teenager lose his sight? Well, an example of such has come forward according to a case study published by a medical journal.

Medical Experts

Medical experts from the University of Bristol took the case of such a young patient. He had an exceedingly picky eating habit which unfortunately led to his blindness. Furthermore, scientists have even warned of the potential dangers which come from a poor diet.

The anonymous patient later told doctors that the major diet he consumed was fries from the ‘fish and chip shop’. Furthermore, he had also been eating Pringles potato chips, slices of processed ham, white bread, and sausage since middle school. Moreover, he tried to avoid foods which had certain textures. He first visited a doctor when he was 14. He seldom complained of tiredness, as per the report published by the Annals of Internal Medicine on Monday.

The Medication 

Furthermore, he wasn’t taking medication of any sort. He had a normal height and BMI index. Moreover, he showed no visible signs of malnutrition.

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Doctors found low vitamin B12 levels and anemia. Therefore, they treated the patient by offering him dietary advice along with B12 injections.

However, a year later, the patient showed signs of vision symptoms and hearing loss. However, doctors were unable to find the root cause behind it.

His vision had deteriorated to the point of blindness by the time he was 17. Doctors later discovered vitamin B12 deficiency, a high zinc level, low copper and selenium levels, reduced vitamin D level and bone level density, according to a statement from the University of Bristol. Furthermore, by this stage, vision damage was imminent and couldn’t be prevented.


Researchers from Bristol Eye Hospital and Bristol Medical School analyzed the case. They came with the conclusion that the patient unfortunately suffered from nutritional optic neuropathy. It is a case which involves dysfunctioning of the optic nerve.

In developed countries, it is for the most part caused by bowel issues. Furthermore, it can even be caused by medication that meddles with the proper assimilation of nutrients. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that poor diet is not the sole cause of this problem.

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