Kim Kardashian’s “Baby Fever” Is Over For Now! No More Babies Coming

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has made a mind-boggling announcement recently. Ever since she tied the knot with rapper Kanye West, 42, she has had her hands full, with four babies!

New Hoax Involving Kim

The very controversial model is famous for creating hoaxes on her show, or on social media or just wherever she graces her presence. So, what is that she stirred up now?

Apparently, she started a questionnaire (Ask Me Anything), on her gram stories. Our very busy homegirl answered only three questions. Among them was one which came to the world as news. An anonymous fan had asked on the question sticker, “Kim, you wanna more kids?”

Guess what Kim said? While we thought she won’t stop bringing lovelies like North, Chicago, Saint, Psalm, Kim has some other arrangement planned for her family. She is happy with four children. She replied to the sticker by saying “I LOVE my babies so much but 4 is all I can handle with how busy I am, and each one of my babies needs so much attention”

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Me and my Chi Chi

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Why No More Children?

The reality TV star, Kim has been busy focusing on a lot of other stuff like her brand KKW Beauty, her shapewear line, and on preparing for her California bar exam due on 2022. She has been constantly working on her make-up line, her business while studying with her mentors. Kim once admitted that she literally has products tested on her hands during a heated argument to free a prisoner.

So yes, I am thinking Kardashian West has her hands full for the time being. It is surprising how she gets time to be the wonderful mother she is and at the same time handles her trades and crafts with utmost care.

Family Time With Kim

There is no doubt in the fact that Kim’s working hours are much more hectic than any Tom-Dick-Harry. However, she does not miss a chance to get a fun sojourn with her children and husband. At least, that is what we make of the 38-year-old’s social media. Recently, she posted pictures with her children, on the beaches of the Bahamas. In the photo, she struggled to fit the brood of four. Her caption read “Bahamas Pics Coming Up! I thought taking a pic with three kids was hard OMG this is almost impossible”

It was one sweet picture of the mother with her four tots. The children were completely unaware of the camera when the snap was taken, and it captured their innocent minds lost in a faraway world. Four is sweet enough.


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