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Instead Of One Justin Bieber Finds 2 Doppelganger’s, And Internet Is Going Nuts.

Justin Bieber’s latest Instagram post gained quite a lot of attention when he claimed to have a similar appearance as a kid to the famous actors, Cole Sprouse, and Dylan Sprouse. He also said that he could have been one of the twins too. Along with this adding that he could have starred in the famous drama/comedy movie, “Big Daddy” as Julian.

Highlighting Justin’s Post

Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse are twins, both the same age and born on the same day. The two became very famous in the show “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody”. They also starred in “Big Daddy” which points out to Justin’s IG post that said they could have hired him as a kid if they ever needed a replacement, in a hilarious way. However, Justin further added that it could be or could not have been as he questioned his fans the same question a rhetorical yet funny way.

What Fans And Commenters Said

The post gained over 2m likes and 19k comments and counting in just over 6 hours. It was normal for a famous Canadian singer-songwriter who already has over 118m followers and fans. However, his fans had mixed emotions about this fact. Some were just admiring his cuteness as a baby. Others assumed that he may have been doing his trippy business again. Where-as his true fans agreed that he would have definitely made a good role in “Big Daddy”. All these commenters seemed to have loved the movie “Big daddy” too.

Facts And Reality

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Although Justin Bieber, Cole Sprouse, and Dylan Sprouse looked quite a lot as triplets as kids, they grew up to be much different. Justin as a Canadian singer-songwriter and the Sprouse twins as American actors they both highlighted their talent in their own liking field. But for a fact, as teenagers and adults, they seemed to have captured the minds and hearts of many with their looks.

Different Paths

Justin Bieber being 2 years younger than the Sprouse twins, if producers would have known them before, they would have definitely subbed in for each other. Who knows, there could have even been a movie or a series with the doppelganger triplets. Maybe then Justin would have even been in a movie with them together.

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