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Dice Game Turns Deadly Overnight; Bronx Man Killed & Robbed Over A Vicious Fight During The Game

A man was shot in a violent robbery incident in the Bronx. Because of a ‘dice game gone wrong,’ a man was robbed, shot and pistol-whipped. The brutal beatdown was all caught in a video.

The Shocking Video Of The Vicious Fight

The upsetting surveillance video footage showed the man pulling out his gun and then shooting the victim in the arm. The 25-year-old victim then falls to the ground injured. Furthermore, when he fell the money that he had also dropped all over the sidewalk. The incident took place near Cruger Avenue and Pelham Parkway South on August 21st around 1:20 am. In addition to this, the man shoots the victim once again. After which he picks up the cash and stuffs it into his pocket.


Finally, the attacker then slams his pistol whips the wounded man repeatedly before feeling the scene. Pistol whipping is to hit or beat someone with the butt of a pistol. The incident occurred in the early morning hours of Wednesday. The casualty still remains unnamed. However, no arrests have been made by the police yet.

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Moreover, the victim was robbed of $3000 in cash. The victim was rushed to the hospital for his injuries. But it is confirmed that he is now in a stable condition.

And The List Goes On

Another video footage was released on Sunday showing a duo shooting two men in an attack. The gunmen opened fire around 12:50 am in the middle of E. 216th St. near Barnes Ave. In the chilling video, the victims are seen running away and ducking for cover. Apart from this, one of them hid underneath a car to shelter from the gunfire. The 34-year old victim was hit in the leg while the 26-year-old victim was shot in the torso. However, both of them were rushed to the hospital. According to the police, they both are in stable condition.

Following this, a similar incident took place where a man was shot in the broad daylight. He was taking an afternoon stroll when he suddenly heard some gunshots. To his surprise, when he looked down, he realized he was shot. Nonetheless, the victim was then taken to the hospital. The shooter was last seen wearing a red-white-and-blue zipper hoodie.

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