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Merc Driver Racing His Car At 110 Mph, Gets Pulled Over & His Answer Is Going All Viral Over The Internet.

A driver was pulled over and stopped by police for speeding to an excess of 110mph, also 177kph. When the dispatch questioned him, he simply answered that he wanted to not only use the toiled but it was a “number 2”. The driver was speeding in bad weather conditions in which he put a risk on his own life and other drivers on the road.

The Speeding Driver’s Description

The details of the driver have not yet been revealed but he was an HGV driver, also known as a driver who drives and earns for a living. The speeding driver was reported to have been driving a silver 2004 Mercedes C320 CDI, which is known to be safe at those speeds. The driver description matched as “professional” which explains the fact that he indeed was an actual driver. He was pulled over at Yaxley village in England, Cambridgeshire.

BCH Road Police’s Reaction

He was pulled over by Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire police department after it passed their unmarked vehicle. After hearing the speeding reason of the driver, the police were in a mixed emotion and simply said “Err, that’s okay then”. The river even believed to have apologized to the BCH Road Police as reported.

Social Media’s Reactions And Comments

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Some of the various commenters of the BCH Road Police’s tweet found it quite hilarious. Whereas others found it dangerous at the same time. Some of them said it was a s*** excuse. Others rhymed with a pun “a berc(foolish person) in a merc”. Another one also tried to clarify a fact that didn’t he have to wait for which the paperwork was being done?

Motor Laws And Regulations Of MLL

According to law, it is said that you cannot exceed a speed of over 100mph and you must stick to the standard speed limit on other roads. Failure to follow these rules can lead to 7 to 28-day ban in your driver’s license. Basically, the main decision after being caught speeding lies in the hands of the court. Whatever drivers do, they must never risk their own life or the lives of other motorists. With this hilarious case, keep a lesson in mind to always “finish your business” before you hit the road.

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