Rapper LIL DELL Escaped With 3 Other Suspects After Killing Elizabeth Harris.


ABC3 Florida is reporting that the 19-year-old Pensacola musician, along with three other suspects, is responsible for the shooting of Elizabeth Harris at a nightclub back in May. His co-conspirators Tequan Warren, Markeasia James and Dante Walker were taken into custody last week.

What Is The family Has To Say About The Incident?

Harris’ mother is deeply shaken from the incident. Moreover, She is grief-stricken and talks about how she lost her near and dear ones in this shooting accident. She has lost her family and this grief is too much according to her. She says,” It’s a lose-lose situation. These children have lost their lives, my daughter has lost her life and they’re going to lose family. I’ve lost my family. It’s too much” she said.

Apart from this Lil Dell is accused of other allegations as well. These allegations can double his problems which are already mounting on him. These allegations include aggravated assault, possession of an altered firearm and criminal mischief.

What Are The Allegation On The Rapper?

Lil Dell is apparently on the run for ”firing a deadly missile”. It seems like some of the rappers just cannot steer clear from criminal allegations and controversies. Though three of the teenagers involved – Tequan Warren (17), Markeasia James, and Dante Walker (19) responsible for the shooting have since been incarcerated, Lil Dell is the one that remains at large. After speaking with the media, Harris’ mother and sister expressed frustration at the tragic situation. “It’s not gonna solve anything,” said her mother. “I want my baby and I can’t get her back, you know?”

It seems that some of the young rappers are indulging in a dangerous crime which is apparently going out of their control. Names like Tekashi 69 and now Lil Dell are involved in the life taking crimes which are making these rappers pay for heavily.

These crimes and involvement of young people are increasing day by day. Crimes like drug abuse or possession of deadly weapons are seen to be growing on these young people. Strict Measures are wanted at this call of the hour or else these accidents will go out of control.




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