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Bradley Cooper Goes All Rowdy In His New Look!! Turns Out To Be New Jeff Foxworthy

We often end up discovering a surprising number of doppelgangers in our very own Tinseltown. Whether natural or intensely prepped, sometimes the similarity is downright uncanny. According to the sources, a new twin has been found in Hollywood! According to the fans and the media, Bradley Cooper with a mustache looks exactly like the comedian Jeff Foxworthy! Fans have already started getting confused by the profiles’ of these two celebrities and are honestly, getting quite creeped out and hyped up at the same time.

So, why exactly did Bradley Cooper go for the Jeff Foxworthy look?

Actors often change their looks to get into their roles more accurately and intensely. However, Bradley’s new look seems just to have come up because of his tardiness. Well, at least that’s what the opinion is of a certain percentage of the population. The rest guess that it could because he is preparing to film ‘Atlantic Wall.’ Atlantic Wall follows the life story of an American soldier trapped behind the enemy lines on the eve of the D-Day. Just your average war drama, eh?

What are the fans’ reactions?

Cooper had been quite comfortably sporting his Jackson Maine look, thanks to ‘A Star Is Born’. With a little bit of a shadow and heavy locks often fell down around his eyes, voila! You have your Jackson Maine. The fans were pretty used to and chill with the look.

So obviously, it was quite a shock to the fans when Bradley Cooper transformed from Jackson Maine to Jeff Foxworthy overnight! It almost seems like Fairy godmother paid him a visit of something. When spotted in Disneyland with his daughter, while sporting the new look, one commenter joked, ” I do always check out a Bradley Cooper movie but since when was he doing the Jeff Foxworthy Lifestory.” And yet another tweeted, “Does anyone else think that Bradley Cooper currently looks like 1990’s Jeff Foxworthy?”

Honestly speaking, the fans and the media are not even wrong. The resemblance is ridiculously uncanny. With shorter hair on the sides and in the back and with that distinctive swathe on his upper lip, you would find yourself taking a double-take. The new-look is going viral fast and the hilariousness of the situation does not seem to stop. Funnily enough, even Jeff Foxworthy himself commented, “My wife is so happy right now!”

Whatever be the case, it is clear that the fans and the media are absolutely loving the new look!

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