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Bromance Alert: Donald Trump And Macron Are Back Together For The G7

Didn’t President Donald Trump have the best group date in forever at The G7? He could have easily discussed fears of economic recession and a roster of rogue actors threatening democracy.

But, we all knew that wasn’t going to happen. He just stuck to his usual points. He criticized the media, expressed a desire for Russia to join future summits and ignored climate change. Most of the other leaders in attendance don’t even consider him the leader of a free world. They did their best to navigate around him, with some degree of success.

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What captured everyone’s attention is was renewed friendship between Trump and Macron. They are praising each other, along with handshakes and hugs. They seem to have become a picture of harmony all over again. Their roles as best buddies are on a pause no more. Is it just because he doesn’t want France and Iran to talk?

The French Connection

This time, Iran was a part of the summit. The French president made an effort to salvage as much of the Iran nuclear deal as possible. He wants to stop Iran’s destabilizing behavior. This includes their illegal nuclear program to support for terrorism and more. Trump decided to withdraw from this nuclear deal. G7 leaders are working to figure out how to comply with US standards to maintain a semblance of the nuclear deal.

Macron acted as mediator between the US and Iran. He even attempted to build a French connection between the two countries. Macron attempted to engage in shuttle diplomacy between the two leaders. Trump did say that France does not speak on behalf of the United States. But, he also seemed more amenable to resuming talks with Zarif and company.

The Joint Press Conference

Macron insisted that he had informed Trump of the meeting in advance and kept him posted throughout. Trump didn’t dispute the statement at all. Macron probably wants the US to take a softer position than the one outlined by its president. However, Trump thinks that he doesn’t need Macron’s help to make a deal. However, letting Macron feel good by believing he has a role in the deal is no skin off of Trump’s back.

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