Rapper French Montana Caught Ogling Alison Brie’s Boobs in VMAs.


The Rapper, Karim Kharbouch, is in big trouble right now. He co-presented Best Latin Video at the MTV Video Music Awards on Monday night with Alison Brie. Fans were quick to take to Twitter. They accused French Montana of being intoxicated and staring at his fellow presenter’s breast. The Wiggle It rapper seemed to be fixated on her boobs. The comments kept coming and nobody could stop themselves from calling him out. Was he just bending over to reach the lowly positioned microphone or just creeping on the actress?

‘High as Hell’

Allison Brie was seen in a plunging black dress. It all went down in at the Prudential Center, New Jersey. Well, he felt like he ‘wanted to be the voice’.  He seemed proud to be given the opportunity to announce the award. As an immigrant, he feels that the people that make this country whole are the immigrants. The first political statement was also made by him when he confessed the pride he feels within as a migrant.

But he, like his ex-girlfriend Khloe Kardashian, is making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The 34-year-old couldn’t keep his eyes off of the comedian’s boobs. So fans wrote he was drunk and creepy as fuck. Was the behavior really due to the intoxication? He definitely was stumbling over his words while giving the pro-immigrant speech while presenting the award. Brie chimed in to cover up by calling the situation ‘unconstitutional and frankly disgusting’.

Up there toasted

Many claimed the music star was worse for wear during his segment. Many amused views couldn’t stop themselves from posting and commenting. One wrote, “Hahaha French Montana cannot stop staring at Alison Brie’s boobs.” Another commented that French Montana was trying really hard to look down.

The crowd was wildly cheering for him. It was really the moment for him. He got to explain why that award was special to him, coming from Morocco at the mere age of thirteen. Even Brie was echoing his remarks. But he chose to ruin it all. Will the sexual objectification of women ever come to an end?


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