Yung Miami Prepares A Gift For Her BFF JT Of Worth $50K

yung miami

Yung Miami knows how to shine, and now she’s going to spread it to JT as well. Bling Alert!

Who is JT?

JT is Yung Miami’s counterpart in City Girls, an American Rap Duo. The duo derives its name from the two roughest neighborhoods of Miami and Florida where the two members resided in. 

Friend and Partner Jailed?

JT was charged with aggravated identity theft after she spent about $1000 from three different people’s credit cards. This was done in the time period of September 2016 and April 2017. She was then sentenced to 24 months in Tallahassee Prison. Her finished finishes in March of 2021 but looks like we’re going to see her sooner!

JT Applied for early release in May. However, her plea was rejected. Yung Miami announces in August that her friend was going to be released soon!

JT is coming Home!

“We gone keep smashing, Keep cashing, diamonds keep flashing, money keep stacking. Couple more days & we back acting up!”, the rapper wrote in the caption of a picture she posted on Instagram. The soon to be mommy posted a picture of herself and JT and made this proud announcement on 20th August.

The $50K Necklace!

Following the announcement, she posted a video of a gorgeous diamond necklace that she had purchased for her partner. “Just cop my b***a chain to match mine @thegirljt. Thank you @jewelryunlimited”, the Act Up rapper wrote. JT was held at The Federal Detention Center in Miami and this is an incredible way to be back home!

Baguette Diamonds and Rose Gold!

When questioned, Jewellery Unlimited revealed that Yung Miami and her Boyfriend Southside, who is also the producer of City Girls had approached them earlier this month. They had asked them to create a similar necklace to the one that Miami owned. The only difference between the two necklaces is the color.

While Yung Miami wears a Rose gold one, she ordered a Yellow Gold necklace for JT. The necklace comes with a pendant that has CityGirls engraved on it. The piece is filed with baguette & VS+ diamonds and costs about $52000!

This surely is going to be a fantastic welcome back for JT!


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