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Taylor Swift Gives Rare Interview! Talks Politics, Joe Alwyn and Relationship Stuff

Taylor Swift gave a rare interview recently. She has been quiet about her personal life in recent times. As you can imagine, everyone is curious about every aspect of a global star like Taylor Swift. Every little thing about her life is discussed at length by everyone, except her ironically. But that was until now.

Personal Issues and Politics

One of the most intriguing queries most people had was her silence on the politics front. Everyone expected her to endorse Hilary Clinton for the presidency back in 2016. Clinton was vying to become the first female president of the USA. But it never happened.

She highly regrets not having done it, now that she has seen how Trump has been creating chaos as the President. But there was a reason she did not speak out in 2016; she was going through difficult times of her own back then. Her mother’s cancer had relapsed and she had to cope with her damaged image after the whole Kim Kardashian fiasco with Snapchat.

She was at her breaking point but now is “really remorseful for not saying anything.” She went on to say she would have endorsed Hillary Clinton and now, she will “do everything I can for 2020”.

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What About Her Low Profile Relationship?

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It is no secret that Taylor has been in a relationship with Joe Alwyn for the past three years. But this is the first instance where she has publicly addressed it. Her relationships are probably the most discussed among all celebrities. People often discussed, debated, questioned anything and everything about her previous relationships; often drifting far away from the truth.

Taylor made a conscious decision to not address her relationship in public this time around. She said she did not want people to think her relationship was up for discussion in the first place.

Other Parts of Life

She even took a stance on the abortion front. The state of Tennessee is attempting to put a ban on abortion. She made it clear she was against it. “Obviously, I’m pro-choice,” she said. “I just can’t believe this is happening.”

She even admitted she had put the spotlight on herself previously, which brought too much pressure on her life. She says she is wiser now and is doing her best to make her life more manageable.

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