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Ex NFL Lineman Barry Bennett, Wife Was Shot Multiple Times By Son. No Mercy!

American footballer, Barry Martin Bennett was found dead on Wednesday alongside his wife Carol. The forensic department declared it was a second-degree murder due to multiple gunshots.

The Homicide

The Bennetts, both 63 were allegedly killed by their son Dylan John Bennett. Their bodies were found in their home on Wednesday in Long Prairie, 124 miles from Minneapolis. The town has a population of about 3500 people. It is astonishing that how in such a closed knit and otherwise safe town, the oldies were killed in wide daylight, and that too by their own kin. They were found by a friend who went in to check whether they were okay, owing to their absence since Tuesday.

Murderer Son Arrested

Barry Bennett was arrested this Saturday from a hotel is Mexico. The Todd County Sheriff’s Office located the 22-year-old down by tracking the activity of his credit card and cell phone. The killer had contacted the Sheriff Steve Och earlier the day. He intended to inform that he was going to surrender to the FBI. But before his message could reach, the Mexican Law Enforcement barged into the hotel in Cancun, Mexico and took him in custody with the charges of second degree murder.


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The medical officer’s report says that the NFL defensive lineman and his wife were killed on Monday, as it was the last that the former sportsman was seen alive.

Account Of The Criminal Complaint

In an earlier complaint, Barry Bennett had expressed his concerns about threats from his son about killing the two. This was back in December, when the accused was undergoing a mental health treatment.

After the unfortunate criminal activity, Dylan’s car was found in front of his parent’s house. It contained an empty box of 9 mm handgun and a box for ammunition.

He was seen on Monday, driving a car, with a large sum of money which he acquired from his parent’s account. The accused had used his mother, Carol Bennett’s credit card in Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin, from Monday to Wednesday. Bennet bought a plane ticket from Columbia, Ohio for Cancun, from where he was arrested.

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