It Was All About Revenge: 13 Reasons Why Season 3 Spoiler Alert

13 reasons why

Popular series “13 Reasons Why” is back with Season 3 and will premiere today! The series was anticipated to come along with its new season. Finally, it is here sooner than expected!

A new trailer was also dropped and from it, we can’t stop guessing as to who really killed Bryce Walker!

Suspects of Bryce Walker’s Death

Alex Standall is one of the suspects who might have killed Bryce Walker after what Bryce did to Jessica.

Tyler Down is also suspected in Bryce’s murder as he had a gun and had also managed to escape after shooting the school before the police got there.

After Bryce was only put on probation for raping her, probably Jessica is mad at him for he deserved worse. Maybe she killed him?


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After helping Tyler getaway after his shoot and taking away his gun after he shot his fellow classmates at the school dance, the police will pin the blame on Clay for sure.

Zach and Chloe seem to be in a secret relationship after Bryce’s death which proves that he is hiding something for sure. Zach is seen with Justin and Cyrus at the police station which makes Zach a suspect too.

Justin Foley pointed out to Jessica that someone they knew had killed Bryce. This possibly meant that he knew something about who killed him, however, he may not be the actual killer. He is seen with a gun while meeting someone, so surely there’s something that he’s hiding.

Other Ones Are:

Tony Padilla helps Tyler getaway after the shoot. On being questioned by Clay, Tony doesn’t seem to have an alibi for the night Bryce died. Tony is seen with a gun in the next scene.

Monty de la Cruz is a suspect too. He is also seen holding a gun.

Ani Achola, who is a new character, seems to have some sort of connection to Bryce as she is seen trying to figure out who killed him. She is also seen washing a bloody shirt in the first trailer.

Chloe Rice seems to be in a secret relationship with Zach. Chloe isn’t seen in the trailer but fans feel that she does have a reason to go after Bryce after he raped her.

Additional Star cast and Exit of Katherine Langford

Katherine Langford is not expected to play Hannah Baker in season 3. Season 3 will introduce a new character, Ani Achola, who will be played by newcomer Grace Saif. She will play a pivotal role in telling the season’s story.

The show is preparing for its fourth season. It is already in production and will feature the core cast’s graduation from Liberty High. Season 4 will also be the final season of 13 Reasons Why.


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