Child Actress ‘Sophie Corullo’ Passes Away Due To Dengue Fever.


Tragedy strikes the world again as another one of the beloved child actors passes away. Yes,  we are talking about the lovely and adorable Sophie Corullo. The talented child actor,  Sophie Corullo,  left the world only at the mere age of six years last Sunday. According to the reports, it seems like Dengue was the reason for her death.

Niña Sophia Gabrielle or more popularly known as Sophie Corullo often appeared on the television networks ABS-CBN’s shows.  The last time the media and the audience saw this kid was while she was performing. In an episode of a drama program called  Maalaala Mo Kaya,  which had aired on Saturday. Of course, her family, friends and even her fans are absolutely devasted. Her mother Angela Corullo was in tears when she said the words, “She was such a good child, ” to the news program TV patrol in an interview.

Sophie Corullo definitely had an extremely big heart and was more loving and caring than most little girls. Angela Corullo, her mother,  also said the Sophie had big dreams for her siblings. In fact,  the last time she had a taping, she told her mother, “Mommy,  the money I earned, please give it to my older sister so she can pay her school fees. ” Well,  if that doesn’t melt your heart, readers,  then I don’t know what will!

How did Sophie join the acting industry?

Sophie Corullo’s talent was discovered and brought out in front of the public, somewhere around last year,  when she joined a contest called “Mini me”. This contest was actually a part of the noontime show ‘It’s Showtime’. Sophie Corullo landed a role in the show due to the contest and was brought out as the “mini” version of the top actress Liza Soberano.

The heartfelt tribute for Niña Sophia Gabrielle or Sophie Corullo.

While a lot many of hers fans,  friends and family posted  tear-inducing stuff in her remembrance,  JAMS Artist Production posted an especially heartbreaking video tribute for the child star on its Facebook Page on Tuesday. JAMS Artist Production is the company that managed Sophie’s career.

More about Dengue.

Sophie’s older brother is undergoing the same ordeal/ disease in the hospital and is currently being kept over there. About 146,062 patients were tested as positive of Dengue from the months of January to July due to which the Philippine’s Health department had declare a national dengue epidemic. Out of this mind-numbing number,  about 622 patients have already died due to dengue as of July.


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