Cristiano Ronaldo Paid €375000 To Shut Woman Down Who Claims He Raped Her.


Recent reports from court documents have revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo did settle his sexual assault allegations by paying €375000.

The Settlement

Ronaldo’s lawyers have agreed to have paid Kathryn Mayorga to settle her allegations against him. She has accused Ronaldo of raping her after a date in Las Vegas in 2009. However, the football megastar had denied these allegations.

This settlement has been revealed in court documents of a lawsuit filed by Mayorga last year, where she tried to invalidate the settlement saying that it had been a manipulative attempt by Ronaldo’s legal team and that they had taken advantage of her fragile state.
No criminal charges were filed against the footballer because the allegations could not be proved with certainty. Besides, Ronaldo and his legal team always emphasized that they had consensual sex.

Another Lawsuit!

Following, Kathryn filed another suit against him which demand at least £165000 as monetary damages. However, in response to this Ronaldo’s legal team produced the documents showing the settlement of €375000 (£300000). The settlement states that it was being done to ”maintain the confidentiality of their dispute ”. Thus the legal wants that Kathryns claims be annulled by the Nevada statutes. Of limitations and her signature on the confidentiality agreement. Ronaldo also alleged that she failed to provide evidence supporting her claims and that she lacked the mental state to come in terms with the settlement.

Judge Dismissed Ronaldo’s Claims

Earlier this month Ronaldo made a bid for the dismissal or complete secrecy of the case but acceptance of his plea is unlikely. Judge Jennifer Dorsey dismissed his claims that the release of court papers would ” weaponize the allegations against him” and lead to a public scandal and harm to his reputation. Judge Dorsey Said that Kathryn’s allegations were already public. “I’m not satisfied that Ronaldo’s interest in holding Mayorga to her agreement is enough to justify sealing the entire record in this case.” However, all the documents from the 2010 settlement between Cristiano and Kathryn will remain private.

This revelation puts a question mark on Ronaldo’s character. If he did not rape the woman as he claims, then why was this settlement made?


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