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La Casa Da Papel Season 4 Report; Crazy Tokyo Out To Foul The Money Heist Plans

The opening saga of Money Heist 4 is ready to rob our hearts. In season 3, the difference made by Tokyo’s dialogues with her unique style of doing her business will surely be able to impress you and hitting Netflix soon. Tokyo appears in grey shades of being bratty, insensitive and selfish. She says that she could behave like a proper girl for a long time, but little by little, the nasty girl inside her starts to take over, ”

Money Heist

All Plans Rushed And Rugged!! 

The whole story is on the shoulder of Tokyo, she is the major cause of rush and gush of jeopardy in the episodes of season 3 theme.

money heist

The head of the team has already told them to blueprint their plans and take at least 4 months to carry out. But in haste, of saving Rio, she dismantles everything and they are in Custody and legacy of lawsuits.

Impulsive & Red Head- Tokyo:

All redhead and extemporaneous, the main lead of the story pops up questions in our minds. Will the plan gets executed this time?? Or still fouled out by Tokyo?? The Season 4 is still in pretty processing. And let’s see where it takes us. The team seems to be under heavy shambles in order to get the work done and show discharged.


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The earlier editions of Money heist has climbed up all the expectations. With 34 millions of views and love of the audience, It is only making more seasons. And also with every earlier seasons’ ending leaving it as a cliffhanger to trigger our interests. Ursura Corbero plays the main heroine, the protagonist in the lens, and the story revolves around her.

The Cliffhanger??

She brings into light her teammates for Money Heist, whose names happen to occur in different cities—Nairobi, Moscow, Berlin, Rio, Denver, and Oslo.  She makes a downfall to everyone’s surprise, as the plan execution fails. Her concupiscence for power and control puts the whole team in danger. Even though love is not allowed.

She falls in love with Rio and says love is a good reason to make everything fall apart. Her lust of power and madness to do anything without a second thought have fatally injured her too.

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