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Though Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Split But Not For Families

The couple has the world media hot on its heels with the news of their split. They have been separated for months but the singer isn’t planning to file divorce anytime soon. Things between Miley and Liam aren’t over by any means. She can’t and won’t stop thinking about her future with Liam Hemsworth. Honestly, can anyone? Well, nobody can deny that the two have shared something very special for almost 10 years.

What do the insiders say?

The two had been in an on-off relationship for the past nine years before tying the knot in December last year. So, there is a chance that the couple hasn’t ruled out reconciliation yet. Even their families are hoping that they will take some time to reconsider their next move. A source close to Miley says that they are both upset about how their marriage has blown up. The source also claims that Miley outgrew her party-loving ways of the past. However, Liam continues to lead that life with his friends. Their priorities have changed. But, this doesn’t mean that the chart-topping singer isn’t having a hard time letting go.

The insider shared that their families are urging them to take some time to breathe before making any final decision. The source added, “They are having a break right now because they needed it. It was a bad situation with a lot of disagreements.” They have both decided to spend some time apart but this doesn’t mean that the relationship is over.


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Even after the picture-perfect vacation with Kaitlynn Carter, she seems ‘sad and disappointed’ with the possible end of her marriage. The insiders have shared that Miley hasn’t been talking to any divorce attorney. She is still willing to give marriage sometime. The divorce being in the public eye has made everything messier.

Liam officially broke his silence

Liam publicly confirmed the break up earlier this week. He wishes her nothing but health and happiness going forward. He is extremely hurt by the allegations made against him in the press. He definitely had no idea that all of this was coming.  Miley told Howard Stern that Liam is her survival partner. His message on Instagram came a day after Cyrus hinted to the separation with a post about embracing change. Fans can only hope that the headlines will subside and that this beautiful couple will reconnect.

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