Fans Trolled Kim Kardashian For Her Chapped Lips And Old Skin.


Ever since Kim Kardashian has launched her new makeup line ‘KKW BEAUTY’, the number of trolls and memes regarding her seem to have hit a new high. Even though this reality TV star and socialite is totally used to it by now,  the latest bizarre (maybe true) comments by her ‘fans’ are becoming outright weird.

What are these bizarre (yet entertaining)  comments?

In her most recent picture on Instagram,  Kardashian has posted (or tried to) a sultry closeup video of her face showing off her ‘well-done makeup’ with the help of her brand ‘KKW BEAUTY’. Instead of lining up to purchase the product, her fans have come to a mutual decision that this makeup is definitely making her ‘seem older’.


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On other similar posts, one user wrote,  ” Seriously most awkward ad campaign ever. Lol.”  While she is getting a lot of attention,  it seems so mostly due to her photoshop skills and not because of the product.

After all, getting comments such as “eww old skin” and “What’s with the chapped lips? Lmao” is not how you want to publicize and sell your makeup.

Kardashian’s Other Massive Photoshop Fails

Only recently,  Kim announced that she is doing a collab with Kylie Jenner for a new perfume line, that is the ‘kkwfragrance’.  While people don’t seem to know much about the product, they definitely agree that the picture used to sell the product is a bit ‘disturbing’. According to Cosmopolitan, one user wrote, “Why is her thumb the same size as the rest of her fingers? ” Another said,  ” Look at Kim’s hand, it looks off. ” Well,  if the consumers are more focussed on your creepy thumb,  you can very well imagine how well the product will do, huh?

Are her products going to sell at all?

Well even after the continuous trolling and commenting, her product line is doing decently well (I know, even we are surprised). It seems that a lot of her fans defending her and just seem to think that this sort of a situation has arisen only due to a serious mishap of contouring, contrasting, lighting, posing and whatnot. One user/fan also advised Kim to work on her marketing skills. Whatever maybe the case,  you can be assured that this ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ star won’t be the one to give up so easily and will do anything to keep her boat afloat.




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