Lil Nas X Came Out As Gay: But The Cruel World Reacts


Lil Nas X has been in the spotlight ever since his song Old Town Road featuring Billy Ray Cyrus hit the Charts. This song has broken Mariah Carey’s Billboard Hot 100 record and has become the longest-running No.1 single ever.

When did he come out?

When rumors started to go around, on the last day of the Pride Month, he asked his fans to listen closely to the lyrics of his song C7osure and posted a close up of his album art which had a rainbow in it. He wrote, “deadass thought I made it obvious”. Following, in July he tweeted, “Wow man last year I was sleeping on my sister’s floor, had no money struggling to get plays on my music, suffering from daily headaches, now I’m gay.

What made him do it?

In an interview, the rapper explained that from childhood he was made to think that homosexuality “is never going to be okay.” He then admitted that during The Pride month he felt like the universe “was pushing” him to open up about his sexuality.” I never would’ve done that if I wasn’t in a way pushed by the universe. In June, I’m seeing Pride flags everywhere and seeing couples holding hands – little stuff like that.” “Everything Lined up for this moment to take me to this place”, the singer reflected.

How did the world react?

Let’s say he did receive some backlash for his revelation, but who do you think these critics are? People with no other business of course. However, Nas took this backlash very well. In an interview, he that he was aware of people wanting to get a reaction out of him but he was just going to joke with them.

However, most people hailed the singer for coming out not only at the end of the pride month but also at a soaring time in his career. 


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Singer MNEK took to twitter and wrote that he stunned Lil Nas. “Fuck! Coming OUT proud when you’re at the top of the Rap game!! Do you realize how monumental this is?!?!?! It is a whole new world now when being gay is an asset! Unheard of. So proud of @LilNasX & all.#LGBTQA heroes that changed the world.” Daniel Newman wrote. 

Other reactions were also similar and the world seemed proud and welcoming of the 20-year old. Lil Nas X, you’re what we need and lets hit the “Gay Old Town Road” 


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