Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Cooling Things Down A Bit

shawn mendes

After much controversy around whether Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello are daring or not, it seems like they are cooling things down a bit.

Shawn Mendes was not quite enthusiastic about the questions asked to him about his Senorita co-star. He was mostly denying the questions or avoiding them. The two co-stars are showing some steam both in reel and real-life but still is maintaining some kind of secrecy over their relationship.

Are Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Are Dating Or Not?

The equation between the two is clearly not clear to date as they are not making their relationship official. Although there are pictures of the two going on dates together still there is much denying going on.

What Does Shawn Mendes has to Say About All This?

Shawn Mendes is definitely wanting to cool things down as there are no words regarding their love. On the other hand, Camila Cabello is surely high on love as she has uploaded a picture with a caption saying, ” I Love You”.

This photo has definitely stirred some controversy and made things all the more complicated.


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Different take by the two celebrities.

It is evident that the two friends turned lovers are clearly handling the situation differently. Some fans are even calling this a publicity stunt and just some promotion gimmick. While others are genuinely rooting for this couple.

All the pictures and videos of the two making out and showing some adequate PDA are definitely indicating that something is going on between the two but then they two are not disclosing anything and is in a ”kind of coded relationship” where both are more cautious about this relationship.

Nothing can be said as of now things are surely a bit confusing for them a well as the fans! We have to wait until both of them make things official and is ready to talk to Media about this on-off relationship.


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