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Man Charged For Sexual Assault And Video Vouyerism On ‘Passing Out’ Woman

A Bradenton man has happened to be prosecuted for sexually assaulting a woman while she was in a  passed out state after being drunk. He has raped her and videotaped it too. 

Know The Full Story:

As per the sources say that the man and woman victim met virtually on facebook. They began to date each other too very quickly. It was surprisingly objectionable as it was their date. But, the woman got trapped. The man has added some sleeping or getting high pills.

He has taken her full advantage as when she passed out after heavy drinking. The traces of drinks in her body speaks that.

The sources also reveal that the woman after. Being heavily drunk, she asks him to drop her home. All these episodes have been planned by the pervert man. To fuck her was his goal of the night and he executed it neatly. But for that clumsy mistake, all his deeds cracked out of the safe zone.

More than one crime!!

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Furthermore, the investigation has been done to death, in which the woman victim gets up in the morning and sees all her clothes off. The situation was out of her way to understand. Following that, she received a call in which she was told about the sexual assault on her. 

The matter got poorer as the Bradenton man went to girlfriend’s place and told her to put his phone on charge. And this where the whole black story came into light. The Girlfriend was spooky and doubted him a man. 

Soon to concrete her doubts, she saw the videotapes and images with the woman in different sexual positions. The materials have been including all the sexual organs of that woman being exposed and captured in the lens. And all this too without her conscience.

Finally the most-Wanted’ In Jail!!

The good girl unsewed the whole nasty criminal drama of her BF on to Police Department. The Man has been taken into custody, and the investigation is ongoing. The man is called as Daniel DeSaer. HeDecaturommitted this dirty thing in July. On Tuesday, he was handcuffed and send to Masentee County Jail.

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