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Kodak Black Pays For Kicking Yung Miami’s ‘808’ Baby Bump!!

Kodak Black is now feeling remorse for Yung Miami. Earlier this l, we have got to know that the Female rapper was verbally abused by her Ex, Kodak Black. The action of the rapper has accumulated loads of bullying and trolling. The pregnant rapper meanwhile got shot two times consecutively, after she was returning from her recording.

The Ex Rapper Boyfriend claims wildly that he has gifted her a ring and now she is pregnant. And that too with Mafia 808’s child, who is rapper cum producer. This has had kindled a kind of fire of revenge for the City Girls Duo.

Running As Loud Publicity!!

It was also spelt out that the accident occurred to her, was a cooked up plan by Kodak Black. The centrepiece of headline attraction was that the rapper has been freestyling the rap lyrics.

The lyrics got loud publicity and comments threading on to it. But do you know what the lyrics actually said?? It said that rapper would like to kick Yung Miami right on her stomach, for carrying other man’s baby after accepting a ring from him.

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Kodak Black Paid Well??

The controversy over the subject rose as it was criticised as the cheap mindset of the Ex rapper. He then apologizes publicly. The man is required to regret and he is doing that the Yung Miami Gimmicks Are For Suckas,” He says that as he sits back, he realizes that ‘How Petty That Move Was’ And further adds on that as a Man it is out of his boundaries and principles to think of such things.

An Open Apology By Black!

It’s totally kind of ‘Certain Things We Refrain From’Black explains that he has got no gripe and bitterness with Southside and wished the couple the rosiest days ahead. He says that the rap was shittty and lame. Also, adds cheesy words like that he would pray that they have a healthy baby and glowing life in future.

All Because Of Southside??

It is also disclosed that Southside has reacted to Kodak’s shameful lyrics to define defamation on his love, Yung Miami. The Ex rapper, Kodak has poured out offensive lyrics and released from the cell only.

After the powerful man like Southside, threatens him to put behind bars and prison him. This is where the apology comes from Kodak Black.

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