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Josephine Gillan Claims That Her Daughter Was Kidnapped By Israeli Social Services!!

The actress who played the prostitute Marei on “Game of Thrones”. Also known as Josephine Gillan accuses the Social Services of Israel. That her 8-month old daughter Gloria was kidnapped while on her therapy. She had recently made this incident viral on her Twitter page recently.

Josephine Gillan On Game Of Thrones

Josephine Gillan who started in Game of Thrones as prostitute Marei in a brothel and a spy. She has shared her experience that was an actual prostitute in real life. To make for a living, but the HBO based series Game of Thrones had saved her from this act of prostitution and drug abuse. She further says that her childhood was quite a horror.


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Josephine After Game Of Thrones

Josephine Gillan, now as a 31-year-old mother of her 8-month old daughter is now living a fearful life due to the claimed, kidnapping of her daughter. She had recently been receiving therapy for post-natal depression. In this situation, she had left her daughter, Gloria in the trustworthy hands of her friend. Who was later threatened by police who forcefully took the baby away from her friend. However, Josephine claims that Middle Eastern country’s officials have taken her baby away from her on the midnight of August 4th. The Israeli Social Services is a part of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Josephine claims that she was not allowed to see her nor have any contact with her. The social services now report that the court has given a temporary order and placed 8-month old Gloria in foster care.

Josephine Gillan’s Further Actions And Opinions

Josephine had recently posted a video on her Twitter account claiming that the crimes committed in Israel are un-just and intolerable. She stood up for it and said that a baby should never be separated from their mother under any circumstances. At the moment she could not afford to take legal action as the legal costs were unaffordable for her. Josephine has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to accommodate for legal costs, titled under “Please help to save my baby”. Currently, people have managed to donate about £245 and climbing, and the target is £5,000.

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