Hailey Bieber And Justin Bieber To Get Married Again This FALL!!


A Small Fall Wedding

Justin Beiber and Hailey Beiber are going to have an official wedding? Well, they are married “officially”, but rumor has it that they are going to throw a proper traditional wedding this year. The duo has been planning this wedding for a long time. An inside source informed that the couple, who tied the knot in September last year, will now have an elaborate affair in fall this year. They have been planning it since January and were supposed to have the ceremony earlier, but alas!

Reason Behind The Delay

The “Baby” singer has been working on his mental health. He revealed in his Instagram that he is trying to work on some “deep-rooted issues” so that he can have a successful marriage and be the father he has always desired to be. That is the main reason behind the delay and them having the ceremony later this year.


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Hailey Beiber, 22 secretly married Beiber, 25 last September 13 in a courtroom. It was alleged last year, that the two literally sneaked into the courtroom through the backdoor.

But now they are out in the open and can’t stop obsessing over each other. Justin’s Instagram is full of stories and posts featuring Hailey and vice versa. The two have a lot of fun together all the time. They are so cute together and their social media can’t hide that. They are not even trying to conceal anything.

New Wedding Date

It is revealed that they are now planning the wedding to coincide with their one year anniversary. Although, it is not confirmed to be on a particular set date. They still plan on keeping it small and want it to be an intimate affair.

Hailey’s cousin, Ireland Baldwin got a chance to tell the media that he thinks that “the two complement each other.” He said that Hailey is super special to him and that he is very happy for his cousin’s growth and for the beautiful house she is living in. He also added, “She is in full wife mode now and so I love it.”

Hailey and the Grammy-winning songwriter are one of the hottest and cutest couples in the globe right now. Seeing them get married in a proper Christian ceremony will leave the world in awe. We wish the two another year of fairytale-like married life.


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