Gigi Hadid Spotted Leaving Tyler Cameron’s Apartment In NYC!!


After yet a second date, Gigi Hadid was spotted, model. Tyler Cameron’s NYC apartment yet a third time, which have suspected the fans. That something more than just friends is on between the duo. The last time they were spotted together was two weeks ago after their continuous back-to-back dates.

Who Is Gigi Hadid And Tyler Cameron

Her full name, Jelena Noura Hadid, also known by her fans as “Gigi” is a 24-year-old American Fashion Model who has worked on the international Vogue Magazine covers over the past four years. On the other hand, 26-year-old Tyler Cameron is featured for modeling different types of underwear in the recently heard campaign for a company known as Mack Weldon, Inc.

What Fans Are Beginning To Suspect Due To Recent Events

A majority of the fans on Tyler’s Instagram. Give him a hard time on the fact that Tyler chose to go on a date, thrice with Gigi. After the unexpected split with, American Model Hannah Brown, Hannah had chosen to say “Yes” to Nashville based Singer/Songwriter and Musical Artist, Jed Wyatt. Hannah further added that it wasn’t easy for her to be herself. And she was struggling with life after the ABC network’s based, The Bachelorette TV Show. Gigi Hadid’s supporters back her out and say that Gigi was just being there for Tyler Cameron and for his support and as result fans suspected something more than just casual dating might be on between Gigi and Tyler.

Reported Recent Events Between Gigi And Tyler

During the past two dates, Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron were spotted. Having a Monday Bowling Date Night at Frames Bowling Lounge in NYC from 6 pm to 9 pm with a couple of friends. This had happened just few days after he had left Hannah Brown’s apartment on a Friday morning. On the third date, both of them reportedly left Tyler Cameron’s apartment after spending a good 45 minutes. They left separately with Gigi wearing an all-black Outfit which might have to say that they want to keep their might-be relationship a secret.


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