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Gemma Collins Asking Sniff Her Fingers?!! Here’s The Whole Incident!!

The Diva Forever Star recently appalled her viewers by doing something very disgusting.
In the recent episode her Show, she was seen laying on her bed at her friend, Dawn Ward’s house she suddenly cocked her leg up and moaned while saying ” My vagina is on fireman. Sorry I’ve got to air it. I’ve got to itch it sorry.”

It Stinks Doesn’t It?

Her stylist Lucas offered to help her by bringing an ice pack but she declined it by saying that she probably had an infection down there. When Lucas sat on the bed, she first sniffed her fingers and then made him sniff them. ”It stinks, doesn’t it. It smells of bread.”, she said. Lucas replied by saying, ” It’s the yeast, we need some Canesten.” She then demanded that someone pull up this errand for her and get her some Canesten.

Is She For Real?

People watching this at home couldn’t believe that they actually had to watch that. Many viewers instantly took to Twitter to showcase their shock and disgust. ”Honest to god right, this new Gemma Collins show is actually vile. Used to think she was funny but she’s literally scratching her vagina on national tv saying it smells of bread and thinks she’s got an infection, I feel violated.”, Eb, a Twitter user wrote. Another user went on to say, ”Oh my god, I can not believe what I’m witnessing on Gemma Collins she seriously let him sniff her fingers Nah ”. ”Just watched Gemma Collins scratch her food and make poor Lucas smell her fingers. What is life? #DivaForever”, another user wrote.

Another reaction was, ”Can’t believe ‪#gemmacollins‬ has just scratched her vagina and shoved her fingers in someone’s face to sniff! That Lucas definitely doesn’t get paid enough to smell the GC’s bits! ‪#vile‬” Most people saw this incident as a disgusting and vile act. Some people also discussed how Gemma was very gross, but they couldn’t stop watching her show.

No thank The Only Gemma News

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This show has been in the news lately as in a previous episode Gemma confessed that her relationship with her boyfriend Arg, was on the rocks and how he had called her a ”fat joke”. She was talking to her friend Dawn when she told him how Arg had said to her, ”You’re the fat girl that everyone laughs at.” Many other arguments between the couple were also revealed. Their relationship is on a breaking point and we can’t help but feel bad for Collins.

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