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Finally Martha Kalifatidis Break Her Silence On People Who Called Her “Enhanced”

Married At First Sight’s Martha Kalifatidis is reported to be enjoying holidays with her MAFS “husband”, Michael in Greece. And Martha, being the Instagram-Queen she is, has flooded her news feed with some really racy pictures. However, her fans seem to be more amused about the “enhanced” part of the photo.

What Is This Enhanced Part Of The Picture?

The 31-year-old has been repeatedly slammed by her fans for photoshopping her insta-perfect shots. This hasn’t stopped her from sharing her “enhanced” pictures, though.
In the most recent of her Instagram pics, the brunette bombshell is seen posing between two picturesque rocks sporting a sexy white bikini, looking over her shoulder directly at the camera. However hard it was to avert gaze from the super-sexy look she gave, her fans detected something suspicious in this picture. Can you spot it?

Okay. We’ll help you through. There is a noticeably shaky line beside her right thigh which reveals the area is super pixelated. This led her fans to believe she has been meddling with her editing apps again. We understand it was embarrassing for you, Martha.

“Photoshop Fails” Since A Few Months

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Was it the first time it happened? Certainly not! The Tv-Actress has been caught digitally-altering her pictures a whole lot of times. Earlier this month, she was accused of the same in one of her pictures.

It’s [sic] not often I post a photo without a filter but when I do….,” Martha wrote in her caption.

But her confident statement caused one fan to write: “But when you do, you post it with a bit of a nip and tuck with a liquifying app.”

‘Where did your stretch marks on your boobs go? I thought you were filtering them? Have you had treatment for them? I want to know what to do! Help!,’ another said.

Back in April, a picture she posted from Melbourne created suspicion, too.

While she was showing off her black bike shorts and her white crop top, her eagle-eyed fans looked past the distractions in the picture and found something. There was a strange blur in the table at the back. Which further made the fans believe she had given herself a bigger thigh gap.


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What The MAFS Actress Has To Say About This?

Martha seems to be pretty uninfluenced by all of this, though. She even made a public comment about this, saying, “I don’t give a f**k what people think of me.”

Despite the constant slamming her fans throw at her, she seems to be relishing her life to the fullest. And not to forget, winning over the Instagram with her racy pictures.

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