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A Mystery Man In Demi Lovato’s Life?! YES, TRUE!!

Everyone’s favorite childhood Disney star. Demi Lovato certainly has had her share of the limelight and still continues to do so (bless her). From featuring in the unforgettable PBS kid’s show,  Barney and friends to becoming an award-winning world-famous pop star, Demi certainly has seen and achieved a great deal.

But even our dear Demi has seen the lows in her life.  Diagnosed with an eating disorder and drug addiction,  Demi Lovato has fought some tough battles,  many of which she has claimed to have only survived because of her “soulmate/significant other”. Even a very special ex of hers had shown a tremendous amount of support for when she was hospitalized for a drug overdose.

So, who are these knights in shining armour in Demi Lovato’s life?

According to the latest scoop,  Demi Lovato’s long-time ex-flame and current best friend Wilmer Valderrama was hands down the most awesome person in Demi’s life.  Most exes don’t stick around and remain friends but Wilmer (a gentleman really)  not only cared for her and loved her but was also seen walking around into the hospital to visit demi quite a significant number of times (now isn’t that cute?).


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” The Sparks never faded “

These were the very word that Demi Lovato had uttered when asked about Wilmer Valderrama. The two had had first met in 2010 and then quickly became one of Hollywood’s hottest couples. Even now a lot of her fans continue to sail that particular ship even though they broke it off ( a heartbreaking moment,  really). The couple had a lot in common even though there was a 13 year age difference between the two. It seemed like the perfect modern-day fairytale. Alas,  it didn’t last long as Lovato. Announced that the two had mutually agreed that it would be better if they remained friends.

Is there currently someone new in Lovato’s life?

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A few months after Lovato was released from the hospital fora drug overdose,  she was seen going on a date with the fashion designer Henry Levy. The two seemed to be really chummy together. However,  Demi’s fans consider him to be bad influence has Henry has also fought his battles with drug addiction. Even though it did not seem as if Demi was having any problem with relapses while dating Levy,  she still decided to break it off with Levy,  thinking it would be the best for her own sobriety.

The couple only lasted for four months.

So by looking at the situation it seems Demi will stay single for the time being,  for the sake of her own health.  Whatever may be the case with her love life,  we certainly wish Demi Lovato our sincerest good wishes with her love, career, and life ahead.



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