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Todd And Julie Christley’s Tax Scandal Made Their Show Canceled!!

Chrisley Knows Best just finished airing Season 7 at the end of July. But will the show be canceled due to recent scandals?

The Fraudulent Crimes

A grand jury in Atlanta has indicted Chrisley Knows Best stars Todd and Julie Chrisley on federal tax-evasion charges. Prosecutors said the husband and wife face multiple counts of conspiracy, bank fraud, wire fraud, and tax evasion.

“From at least as early as 2007 through approximately 2012, Todd and Julie allegedly conspired to defraud numerous banks by providing the banks with false information such as personal financial statements containing false information, and fabricated bank statements when applying for and receiving millions of dollars in loans.”

The Alleged Culprit

Todd Chrisley addressed the charges in an Instagram post. In which he blames the couple’s accountant for the indictments.

Todd states that it was his account who started all the frisky business. He made many fraud accounts in the Chrisley’s name. The accountant was caught and fired for the crimes.

As revenge, he told U.S authorities about the Chrisley’s fraud activities.

Is This The End Of Chrisley Knows Best

Chrisley Knows Best as well as Growing Up Chrisley will be pulled as well.

According to sources, USA Network will not renew contracts with the Chrisley family. This is due to their 11 federal charges in connection with bank fraud and tax evasion.


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Moreover, this is sad news for fans who have followed the Chrisley family since the beginning. As Todd Chrisley and his reality show garnered a lot of attention because it was always so out there. The way he parents his children and the way they act has been a huge sensation on social media.

He Knows Best follows the Chrisley family around as they share their lives with the world. Todd and Julie Chrisley starred in the show alongside their three children, Chase, Savannah, and Grayson Chrisley.

Sadly this will be coming to an end. The shows will no longer be available on the network. The couple has not reached out about the future and what steps they are going to be taking. Hopefully, this will be resolved quickly.

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